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2003 press releases
CARLSTADT, N.J. - April 22, 2003 - According to Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, the world of home furnishings in 2004 will be mellow with an air of gentility. "Clean," "simple" and "gentle" will be color's keywords, along with "natural," "organic" and "peaceful."

"It's as if we're all trying to get someplace to find some solace," illuminated Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. "Opulent pleasure is downplayed and the raucous is abandoned in favor of restful calm. We all seem to be looking for our country escapes.

"People are continuing to simplify their lives, paring down but still surrounding themselves with the familiar and things that will last," Eiseman continued. "The 'Streamlined' palette, for instance, is clean and uncluttered while drawing inspiration from spectator shoes and the retro lines reincarnated in today's modern design."

While restrained, tranquil palettes are the majority, 2004 is not without its liberating alternatives.

"In 2004, we're seeing the subtle evolution of color with some surprising twists. It's not just a retreat into organic colors and leaving it at that," Eiseman added. "For example, 'Global Warming' is very much about the red family but receives an unexpected bolt of electric blue, which is so much different from what we've seen in the past. 'Sweet Stuff' is a playful palette filled with confectionary hues."

The eight most directional color palettes for the home for 2004 are:

Natural Instincts

This is the quiet environment that is closest to the simplicity found in nature, reflecting a love of weathered wood, natural fibers, of all things organic and real. Whether the space is rustic and rural or more polished and urban, the neutral tones represent an intricate variety of rock, stone, pebbles and grasses that are the connecting colors leading to this special sanctuary.

Desert Sage PANTONE 16-0110 Granite Green PANTONE 16-5907
Young Wheat PANTONE 12-0521 Pinecone PANTONE 19-1121
Boulder PANTONE 14-1110 Ecru Olive PANTONE 17-0836
Iron PANTONE 18-1306 Treetop PANTONE 18-0135
Quarry PANTONE 15-4305

Beach Retreat

A vast placid sky, a gently rolling surf, footsteps in the warm sand; this is the palette that offers a relaxed retreat, an escape from the invasive and hectic surrounding world. The colors are a medley of deep marine, lavender blues and sky blues, oyster gray and cloud whites. The combinations are clean, uncomplicated and always harmonious.

Illusion Blue PANTONE 13-4103 Ensign Blue PANTONE 19-4026
Mellow Buff PANTONE 13-1014 Cloud Dancer PANTONE 11-4201
Vapor PANTONE 12-4302 Cashmere Blue PANTONE 14-4115
Aqua Gray PANTONE 15-5205 Nirvana PANTONE 17-3808
Oyster Gray PANTONE 14-1107

Global Warming

A vital, bold and sensual palette, this warming trend is a strong color story made up primarily of color wheel neighbors in and around the red family: Molten Lava, Spicy Orange, Dancing Pink, Magenta Purple, Vivid Yellow with an unexpected jolt of an Electric Blue. This is an adventurous and exotic color grouping that will be seen frequently as accent against neutral, natural or darkened tones.

Cadmium Yellow PANTONE 15-1054 Sauterne PANTONE 15-0942
Spicy Orange PANTONE 18-1445 Molten Lava PANTONE 18-1555
Skydiver PANTONE 19-4151 Fandango Pink PANTONE 17-2033
Adobe PANTONE 17-1340 Orange Ochre PANTONE 16-1253
Pool Blue PANTONE 15-5218 Magenta Purple PANTONE 19-2428

Enhancing Hues

Taking its cue from the world of cosmetics, this pleasing palette celebrates a myriad of skin tones. These flattering hues are gentle, soft and mellow, yet more complex and sophisticated than simple pastels. The combinations offer subtle, stylish possibilities.

Peach Skin PANTONE 14-1907 Clay PANTONE 15-1231
Tuscany PANTONE 16-1219 Pale Mauve PANTONE 15-1607
Mauve Orchid PANTONE 16-2111 Nude PANTONE 12-0911
Cognac PANTONE 18-1421 Nostalgia Rose PANTONE 17-1512
Rose Brown PANTONE 18-1512 Burgundy PANTONE 19-1617

Sweet Stuff

When the world outside starts to get too somber and serious, it's time to indulge in some delicious eye candy. Sweet but never cloying, these confection shades entice the eye by adding a new level of tantalizing tastes with combinations such as: Mimosa, Smoky Grape and Pink Mist or Brandied Melon, Taffy and Banana Crepe.

Taffy PANTONE 16-0940 Jacaranda PANTONE 17-3930
Brandied Melon PANTONE 16-1340 Peach Pink PANTONE 15-1530
Pink Mist PANTONE 13-2805 Mimosa PANTONE 14-0848
Smoky Grape PANTONE 16-3110 Banana Crepe PANTONE 13-0815

Creature Comforts

Evoking thoughts of a welcoming and nurturing home, it may be a bit of cottage living or country in a condo, but always cozy and effortless in its appeal. This is an engaging presentation of warm, cozy quilts and comfort food colors such as soft creamy whites, rustic reds and golden yellows.

Creme Brulee PANTONE 13-1006 Biscuit PANTONE 16-1336
Chamomile PANTONE 13-0916 Beeswax PANTONE 14-0941
Cloud Cream PANTONE 12-0804 Rustic Brown PANTONE 18-1238
Brick Red PANTONE 19-1543 Raffia PANTONE 13-0725


It's sleek, stylish and gracefully configured. Minimal and modern meets design statements of the past. Inspired by the curvaceous, compact and gleaming Airstream trailers that captured everyone's attention in the '50s, it is still seen both as motor home and dressing rooms to the stars. The aerodynamic styling inspires metallic finishes such as chrome and silver, while other design icons inspire the glamour of polished black and the stark simplicity of pristine white, used singly or in classic combinations.

Jet Black PANTONE 19-0303 Silver PANTONE 14-5002
Bright White PANTONE 11-0601

Finishing Touches

This is a palette of attainable luxuries that speak of quality and elegance. These are the styles and colors that traditions are built upon, a tasteful blending of time-honored antiques with Nouveau style, understated rather than overstuffed, a hint of opulence with the practical reality of a home that is lived in and enjoyed every day. The colors are lush, classic and rich, reflecting the possibility of intricate combinations.

Imperial Palace PANTONE 18-3615 Cappuccino PANTONE 19-1220
Rich Gold PANTONE 16-0836 Olive Green PANTONE 17-0929
Thyme PANTONE 19-0309 Winetasting PANTONE 19-2118
Rosewood PANTONE 19-1532 Chartreuse PANTONE 15-0751

About Pantone, Inc.

Pantone, Inc., developer of the globally accepted PANTONE Color Systems, is the leading source of traditional and electronic products for the selection and accurate communication of color. With 40 years of experience, Pantone is recognized as the worldwide market leader in color communication and color technology for the graphic design, printing, publishing, textile and plastics industries. More information is available at www.pantone.com and www.therightcolor.com.


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